Friday, February 21, 2014

What is BMC’s M/F Survey telling us?

 By Bill Moran

BMC has been doing mainframe surveys for the past 8 years. They 2013 effort[1] completed with a total of 1184 global responses predominantly from a technical, professional and managerial audience. 60% of the respondents were from North America, 31% from Europe and the balance from Asia-Pacific. 62% of the companies represented had over $1 billion in revenue. Industry respondents broke down into 45% financial and insurance, 20% government, 12% technology, and 23% other industries, a broad and representative sample by any measure.

Survey Results
The survey seeks to answer key questions about the mainframe. See what Bill has to say about the results at:

You can see the demographics of the respondents in the BMC charts. All data are from the BMC charts.