Wednesday, May 7, 2014

From the floor of EMC WORLD

It's now day 3 at EMC World.  Predictably, we have seen a series of announcements -- ViPR and the cloud appliance are the biggies so far, with the acquisition of Andy Bechtelheim's stealthy DSSD (for flash storage) probably the most widely hyped.

Re this last: No product from them yet, but expect a platform to support in-memory computation (read Hadoop and SAP HANA) to lead the list of 1Q2015 releases.  This is a newly-emerged segment, and will take several years to ramp up.  In the interim between now and when it starts to scale, keep in mind that there are no players already servicing this segment at scale... despite what they might tell you)=.

ViPR 2 continues its growth as the convergence engine for management of EMC's storage products.  It also can manage across other vendors' products if they align with OpenStack.  ViPR also offers native management for a few non-EMC boxes.

A few other things heard today:

From Bill Scannell to the partners:  "Give them a choice (EMC, or competitors' products), but have an opinion" (i.e., push EMC kit). Got me thinking about the whole lock-in issue which, given the advantages offered by pre-configured, pre-tested systems, may not be a real issue after all. Time-to-value pretty much trumps all these days from the buyer's viewpoint.

Again from Bill Scannell:  "All flash, flash everywhere". But because EMC offers so many flavors of flash, make sure the sales team has some guidance re which flash to sell.

From a partner: "We need guidance to compete with the nimble startups that have entered the flash market."  My suggestion to EMC: Codify the response to achieve consistency.