Monday, April 27, 2015

IBM and Peugeot extend partnership to speed creation of value-added services for Smart Cars

The announcement by PSA Peugeot Citroen, Europe’s second largest car-manufacturer), of a partnership with IBM to create and build mobile services for connected cars is big news. The partnership will use existing and evolving next-generation technologies to broaden access to the ability to create and deliver mobile services. The agreement allows the pair together as well as with other companies to develop, create, commercialize and sell new services. New and existing clients can propose new services and work with the partners to bring them to market.

The partnership will leverage IBM expertise in Big Data and Analytics along with IBM MobileFirst to create services based on the data collected from sources that span the spectrum of those providing services related to auto maintenance, travel, transportation, entertainment, traffic, hospitality, etc. 

This is an agreement that aims from the start to push the boundaries of technology to expand mass market access to personalized mobile services. The combination of connected automobiles with the escalation in the amount and variety of accessible data and mobile computing combined and revenue driven entrepreneurship could unleash a cornucopia of personalized services. The deal sets up both companies to benefit themselves, clients and consumers by speeding access to services that can radically improve and enhance travel by auto.

This will be fun to watch!