Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BMC TrueSight Intelligence – a service to transform data into actionable insights for business

By Rich Ptak


BMC continues to expand its solution portfolio, researching the needs of the digital business economy to identify product opportunities. Their new analytics service, BMC TrueSight Intelligence, provides high value, actionable insight from analyzing vast amounts of disparate data.

The difficulty in quickly getting useful information from a variety of volatile, wide-ranging data from IT operations, technical activities and business activities is no secret. Today’s highly competitive, fast moving, globe spanning digital markets need such input to make critical business decisions.  This is just one more in an escalating number of business critical demands on stressed IT and business staffs striving to compete as digital enterprises 

Yet, failing to respond to the demand is untenable risking a rogue ‘departmental’ project or even business failure. IT must respond without increasing the strain on overstretched staff.   

BMC has an answer. Its TrueSight Intelligence service provides users direct access to analytics in a cloud-based digital service. Fully automated and totally managed by BMC, business users self-register to get immediate access to the platform. Collected data feeds directly to TrueSight Intelligence services.

Figure 1 provides a thumbnail view of services available in the initial release. Frequent updates (at least monthly) will expand functionality, supporting more data types and adding services.

Figure 1. TrueSight Intelligence capabilities

Flexible and broad data access is key; therefore, in addition to BMC TrueSight Operations Management the service works with most data collectors. It includes collectors for Linux, VMware, AWS Cloudwatch as well as customized versions from Python library or via REST API. For business users, a natural language interface permits queries into built-in analytics and a variety of options for data visualization.  

The service is initially being provided through Azure cloud services. Expansion to other cloud services is possible as demand grows.

The Final Word
We find BMC’s new services-based approach to resolving IT challenges very appealing. It directly resolves the problems of over-extended, underfunded IT staffs facing major growth in the demand for services as well as potentially overwhelming change. It consolidates the functions of range of specialized tools into an integrated interface and analytics platform that handles data across infrastructure and business functions including customer, business and applications.

We like the public multi-tenant cloud service. We do think that as the service matures, questions of data security and the whether or not extra layers might be needed will surely come up. Also, it is entirely possible that an enterprise may prefer a private cloud option.   

Digital services implemented, even better driven by IT leverages technology without overwhelming existing resources and staff. IT retains overall control avoiding the risks of proliferating rogue ‘one-off’ projects that solve an immediate departmental problem but will eventually strain scarce resources. Digital services assure users get what they need and want, without overloading IT.

BMC’s strategic trajectory supports the trend to expand IT responsibilities as a key driver of business/enterprise success. IT with all enterprise functions face major transformation to an increasingly digitized world. Traditional IT tasks focused on infrastructure are not disappearing. IT maintains those even as they transform to proactively drive the creative application of technology to new service creation and delivery.  

BMC recognizes that future. It is aggressively positioning itself and creating products to be the partner of enterprise IT in getting the job done. We foresee their solutions as interesting to both emerging and established firms.