Friday, May 20, 2016

Got something to say about the Mainframe? Check this out: BMC launches 11th Annual Mainframe Research Survey

 Got something on your chest about the mainframe? Familiar with your organization’s Mainframe
environment it? Why you use it? Benefits? Where it is going? It’s future? Have you ever wanted to tell a major vendor (and the world) about the mainframe in your enterprise? Here’s your chance.

From May 24th until June 6th, BMC is collecting data for its 11th survey of the trends in mainframe usage.  Already one of largest industry surveys with over 1,200 mainframe professionals and executives participating, BMC is seeking to attract an even larger number of participants.

The research results will be used by vendors, technical and executive users, industry analysts, media, etc. to make significant decisions and draw conclusions on just about everything mainframe. The report will influence investments, product (new and enhancements), hiring, functionality, etc.

The mainframe is a critical backbone with impact across industries and markets from mobility to analytics to complex modeling and the ongoing transformation of digital business.

So, if you’re technical IT staff involved in mainframe management or operations. Or, if you’re part of a Mainframe IT team as an executive, manager or technical architect recommending general management or operation practices. This is your chance to take 20 minutes to contribute to the conversation, and influence the future of the mainframe.

Starting May 24th, you can take the survey here!