Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BMC’s Mainframe Research Survey – Open until June 4th for your input!

The world of mainframes is radically different from what it was just a few years ago. This is due to some significant changes in the mainframe itself as well as to an explosion in the number and type of products and tools used to manage and operate it.

Automation of tools along with simplification and speeding up processes for operations and maintenance play a big role. These have made the power and unique advantages of the mainframe both simpler and easier to access to the benefit of experienced mainframes and those new to the platform.

Especially important in expanding access to the mainframe to a whole new generation of potential users were the efforts of some forward thinking, very smart vendors who made available numerous mainstream DevOps, open source and emerging technologies that attracted new users even as the products facilitated changes to well-established patterns of management and usage for the better.  

Expanding interest in and application of machine intelligence, Big Data, mobile computing, security, Blockchain technology and more meant increased the need for such mainframe features of high reliability, built-in security, high availability as well as the ability to handle heavy loads of processing of large databases. The combination of these has significant impact as they influence and change where and how the mainframe influences and is being in the enterprise.  

All this activity is of interest to the entire mainframe community. For the past 12 years, BMC has conducted an annual mainframe survey to examine the state of the mainframe. As is typical, each survey provides insight even as it is raising additional questions. As a result, every year's survey has new questions to explore new topics and drill down for more details in specific areas. 

BMC is at it again. Looking for your inputs and opinions on the state of the mainframe within your organization as well as personal viewpoints, concerns, etc. On May 18th, BMC launched its 12th Annual Mainframe Research Survey. This survey is one of the largest in the industry, reporting on some of the most important mainframe usage trends. Several new questions and topics have been included this year. This year they want to know more about the types of workloads you run on the mainframe, what work is growing and what is shrinking. What new workloads and methods are employed to manage them. You have until June 4th to complete the survey.